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Individual & Family

Health care coverage is more than just the cheapest premium. It’s about finding the correct health plan that offers the most comprehensive coverage for your needs while fitting within your budget. We are experts at helping individuals and families find the affordable health care coverage they need. Get A Quote

Medicare Insurance

Medicare is confusing for most people to decipher so that you clearly understand all available options and how they work together. Our goal at Brines Insurance is to educate you about Medicare coverage so you can feel comfortable choosing which plan is best for your situation. Call (530) 895-0110 today to learn how it works. Get A Quote

Life & Annuities

Life insurance is more than about living for today, it’s about preparing for tomorrow and for the future of your family. If you’re in the Chico, CA area contact Brines Insurance to see how life insurance proceeds can help ensure your family’s financial security for tomorrow and beyond. Get A Quote

Health Care Reform NOW ACTIVE!

Most Americans are wondering how the Affordable Care Act is going to affect them. There are many questions yet to be answered, such as will my premiums really go down? What is a subsidy and will I qualify? What will happen to my current insurance policy if I don’t do anything? These are all great questions about Obamacare and ones that the&friendly staff at Brines Insurance Services are ready to help you with.

What We Do

Welcome to Brines’ Insurance & Financial Services. No matter what your insurance needs may be, we are here to make the entire process as easy and as simple as possible. We strive to maintain a warm and friendly relationship with each and every client while focusing on meeting his/her needs on a specific, individual basis. We ensure your concerns are met with the utmost sincerity and honesty by providing all our services free of charge. & Learn what separates Brines Insurance Services from the other insurance agents in the Chico, CA area!

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