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Health Insurance in Chico CAHealth Insurance Chico CA

Whether you’re shopping for medical coverage for yourself or for your entire family, you have plenty of questions: What’s covered and what’s not? How much is my deductible? What about pre-existing conditions? Even if I get health insurance from my employer, is it enough?

California Health Insurance plans offer a wide range of services, including medical, dental, vision and prescription drug coverage, but getting the right blend of coverage at a cost that meets your budget can be a challenge.  That’s why helpful guidance from the team of experts at Brines Insurance can be extremely valuable as you navigate the healthcare market.

  • Individual Health Insurance: As health insurance coverage Chico CA evolves and benefits in various markets are reduced, you could be among a growing group seeking individual health insurance. Perhaps you’re among the self-employed and must provide your own medical insurance. Or, maybe you have coverage through your employer, but need better coverage or lower premiums than your group health plan offers.  Whatever your situation, we can help.
  • Family Health Plans: As health care costs continue to rise and benefits continue to get slashed, it’s critical you find the best health insurance plan to fit you and your family’s needs.  One of our licensed agents can walk you through all the plan options in your market by finding the right combination of coverage, deductibles and co-payments to get you the best coverage for your budget.
  • Medicare: Our Medicare Supplement, Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans help cover a variety of medical expenses.  Let us help create a customized Medicare package that perfectly matches your health care needs.

Health Care Reformwhat do you need to know?

Health insurance is changing. Do you know how these changes affect you? Depending on your income and family size, you might be able to receive help paying for health insurance.

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Whatever your health insurance needs, the agents at Brines Insurance are there to provide respectful guidance across a variety of providers so that you get the best medical benefits possible for your healthcare needs.