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Term Life Insurance

Choosing Term Life Insurance Chico CA

No one wants to leave their loved ones in financial distress when they pass away. Life insurance could help ease this anxiety. Buying a life insurance policy can not only help cover the missing income but will also cover your funeral costs. If you have family that depends on you financially, it can protect them if anything were to happen to you. The experts at Brines Insurance can help you find the best policy for term life insurance that will fit the needs for you and your family in Chico CA.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policies are policies that will cover you for a set number of years. Generally they last from ten to thirty years depending on the length of time you would like to be covered. During this time, you will be paying a fixed premium and after the coverage expires, the premiums may go up. These policies only pay out benefits during the time period that the insurance covers.

Most term programs include a renewal option which allows the insured to renew for a guaranteed rate if the duration of coverage needs to be extended. If evidence of insurability is required to renew the policy, and your health deteriorates, then poor health could prevent you from being able to provide this proof. Yet, many term life insurance policies will include an option to upgrade to a whole life policy which can be useful to those who are diagnosed with a condition that would make it difficult to qualify for a new term policy.

The costs for term life insurance in Chico CA are substantially lower than that of whole life insurance, even though they use the same mortality tables to calculate costs. These policies are best for those who want to cover their loved ones for a specific amount of time such as:

  • College funding for those with children under 18
  • Mortgage payoff and income replacement for surviving spouse
  • Coverage until retirement when social security and savings become available

Get Covered

As your personal situation changes with marriage, the birth of a child, or financial gains, so will your insurance needs. Having life insurance will protect your loved ones and save them from having to bare your financial burdens. Buying life insurance can be one of the best financial decisions you make for you and your family, so call one of our advisors today with any questions you may have about term life insurance in Chico CA!